Save The Future

Our Mission

  • Naya Sawera is a non-governmental organisation that aims to work towards providing a healthy, nurtured and nourished lifestyle to people who are deprived of facilities due to poverty and a lack of opportunities.

Our Strength

  • Being a youth-based NGO, Naya Sawera believes that its power lies with the young volunteers that work with the organisation. The young volunteers and core members have the freedom of making their own decision regarding the NGO. This lends fresher perspective and better execution to the projects and campaigns run by the NGO.

Join Us

  • Naya Sawera is funded and run by voluntary donations by people in the community, and both registered and core members of the organisation. As of today, the organisation has over 600 registered members and volunteers. The core committee consists of 40 members

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Annual Report



SNEHACHAL - Love, Care, Celebration

Snehachal is a home for special children, in association with PWNR. The home currently consists of 35 children, who are provided with educational, nutritional and medical facilities.

Campaign Kokh - Pehla Kadam

Kokh is a campaign designated entirely towards pregnant women who cannot afford proper healthcare and delivery services during their pregnancy months and after.



Campaign Days Of Pride

DAYS OF PRIDE is a campaign by Naya Sawera that is driven towards donating sanitary napkins to women who cannot afford them. So far, the campaign has succeeded in donating 32000 sanitary napkins to women across various regions of Jaipur.