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What if I want to redirect all pages that do NOT have a specific slug to the page that does have that slug? I’m looking for a way to automatically disable and redirect closed offers/signup pages to the current, in-use one, without having to find and modify each expired funnel page individually. Here’s a quick example: The title of this post is: A Straight-Forward Guide to WordPress Slugs Instead, we’ll be digging into everything about what a WordPress slug is, along with how to use them correctly on your site. The first of our WordPress Redirect plugins is one with a very literal name, it is called the Simple Redirect plugin. Please do not send pull requests. The alternative method to change your search URL slug is to use a . You can change the Blog Page's slug by following the steps above to change a page URL.

htaccess rule. This can help reduce errors and improve your site ranking. Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. com Business sites, the easiest way to create redirects is through a plugin like the Redirection plugin. However, some of the users might want to remove this parent slug from the URL as it could make it longer.

3 [zip] The right way to redirect post after deleted, redirect deleted post or page to homepage or to another post, easy way and simple. htaccess. Update or remove inaccurate redirects for the post or page. When you first install the WordPress, this theme is the default theme you use. If you’re not sure how to add the code, see this guide on how to paste code snippets into your functions.

Remove taxonomy slugs (categories, post tags and custom taxonomies) from URL. “Do not start modifying your old post Slugs and try to optimize them now” Even if someone does it. You can add this block of code into your theme’s functions. On hand one this is great, but let’s take a deeper Follow this tutorial on how to fix your old WordPress URL redirecting to new URL. htaccess Posted on Updated February 23, 2018 January 29, 2013 by Micah If you have decided to change your site’s domain and are hosting your old site on an Apache server, then redirecting traffic to the new site is relatively simple.

Change Search URL Slug Using . ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is one of the more common ones. You’ll see a box for adding a redirection. You can very easily change the category slug within WordPress's admin panel by navigating to Settings >> Permalinks: WordPress comes with posts and pages as the content type. In this post, we’ll walk through changing permalink settings on a new WordPress Installation and how to do 301 redirects when changing permalink settings on an established site.

WordPress make redirects using function wp_old_slug_redirect which hooked to action template_redirect. Cache the results of the _wp_old_slug meta query, which can be expensive. This tutorial will show you how to create conditional custom login redirects in WordPress for any user from any page, to any page you like. The shop has custom post type product and category for products product_cat. Wordpress login hook to redirect on woocommerce checkout or custom page.

htaccess file on your server. Changing the Slug. there is a wordpress plugin which allows 301 redirect to be applied from old slug to new. htaccess, it's a wordpress function. All methods are not provided out of the box through WordPress core but require custom code to make it happen.

php (or you can just type in /wp-admin/ and it’ll redirect you there if not yet logged in). 4. If you’re a WordPress developer and hate to read, here you go. php): In an effort to increase my SEO, I wanted to change my category slug to "tutorials. Tutorial on how to propely set up your 301 redirects in your Wordpress site to keep SEO and inbound links in tact by using the htaccess file.

Permalink post_type structure with taxonomy slug in it. For most aspects of digital publishing, keeping things simple is a sound philosophy. With it you can easily manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. Before you add a customized slug, there are a few other choices to make. 2 Comments Originally posted December 9, 2013.

Device Redirect is a very simple plugin which supports only three types of redirection – sitewide, global, and local. Redirection is one of the most popular plugins available in the official WordPress repository, help to setup 301 redirections with few clicks. If you’re interested in the topic, the Mozilla Developer Network has some fantastic documentation on the different kinds of redirects. Once you are finished, you need to save this file as redirects. But in terms of your WordPress redirect, you’ll use mostly 301 with the occasional 302.

For example, you’ll want to choose a redirection type, and enter your Target URL (the original URL, which you’d like to replace with your new pretty link): Finally, enter your custom slug in the Pretty Link field. A typical use case for a 301 redirect would be when you changed the slug of a WordPress post. Methods To Remove Parent Slug From Child Page URL in WordPress Method 1: Via Custom Permalinks Plugin Do you want to edit the default search URL slug in WordPress? Many websites change their URL slugs for a variety of reasons. You still want to have users access that article via the old link. It helps you to manage your affiliate links efficiently.

Protect Files & Documents Share Files & Documents For more information on this filter, read up on the login redirect filter. It doesn’t matter which method is used to set up a WordPress redirect. Wordpress does not redirect your URLs at will - but it stores every old URL along with its creating post, even if no longer used. In the article, I explained that if you rename a category, even to changing its slug, WordPress will redirect the user to the same category pageview (or web page) as the category ID does not change. You can add a simple redirect by visiting Tools > Redirection in your WP-Admin dashboard on your site.

if ( get_query_var I don't know if what WPML does with the slug system (they are supposed to be unique) is supposed to be possible, but wp_old_slug_redirect() shouldn't be causing a redirect loop nonetheless. These slugs can be edited by you to make it user-friendly and SEO optimized. All in all, it’s a great feature. How To Redirect and Change WordPress URLs To Improve SEO. Download.

1 or higher, your old slugs will be kept and will keep on being redirected without the need for this plugin. How to create a redirect from a home page to any URL using the PHP redirect. In case you are moving your WordPress site to a new domain name the following code snippet will redirect every single page on your old domain to the exact same page on your new domain assuming you keep the same permalink structure:- Welcome to Make WordPress Hosting! We work to improve WordPress’ end-user experience across hosting environments through industry collaboration and user education. WordPress calls this a “slug” and Shopify calls this a “handle”. .

WordPress preserves the post ID and the category ID. Yes, upon changing a post’s slug WordPress will automatically create a 301 redirect from the old slug to the new slug. When you create a new page or blog post, WordPress automatically uses the title to create that page Managing WordPress Redirection for Different Scenarios. In this post I will show you how to remove «category» from WordPress categories URL, how to remove «tag» from post tags URLs, and how to remove custom taxonomy slugs («product_cat») from term URLs: Here is the main part of thе code, you can insert it into your current theme functions. so eventually Google will replace your urls in their search results! Otherwise, install the theme from your WordPress repository.

The . It uses the slug of the new URL and automatically looks for permalinks. ¿Qué es el slug? En WordPress existe algo que se llama slug, y es la parte de la URL de una entrada o página que viene a continuación del dominio: The post slug is the user friendly and URL valid name of a post. function wp_old_slug_redirect() { if ( is_404() && '' !== get_query_var( 'name' ) ) { // Guess the current post_type based on the query vars. If you change a post slug, Wordpress redirects (301) the old to the new URL.

SEO Blogger to WordPress Migration using 301 Redirection This plugin will 301 redirect all incoming traffic from your Blogger account to your newly setup WordPress account. Come join us! The team meets in the #hosting-community Slack channel each week. How to Change Category Slug within WordPress; How to 301 redirect old wordpress category? How to Properly Rename Categories in WordPress; How to fix HTTP 404 error? I was wondering, what is the best way to fix these 404 errors? There are two ways: Add redirection for each 404 page Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. Change Your WordPress Login URL Clifford Paulick on February 28, 2013 - 105 comments WordPress’ default login URL is /wp-login. Let’s say “Twenty-Twelve”.

While WordPress has built in capabilities for naming the URL slug of your custom post type, there may however come a time when you need a different URL structure for your archive vs. This has nothing to do with . Creating Redirects. SEO Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. What is a slug? First things first, a slug (whether in WordPress or any other CMS) is a piece of URL that contains page’s or post’s name.

WordPress users are fed up of seeing /category/ in the URL, because it does nothing but increase the characters in the category slug. Description. These meetings alternate between Mondays at 1400 UTC and Wednesdays at 1700 UTC. htaccess, you can opt to manually code the redirects into the PHP of your WordPress theme. php file.

But sometimes, it may get corrupted and you can get WordPress login redirect problem. htaccess file:-The file one of the most important files. Aprašymas. All in One Digital Resource Management & Complete eCommerce Solution for Selling Digital Products. .

This is the most advanced option. Performs a safe (local) redirect, using wp_redirect(). WordPress lookup for wp_safe_redirect, a WordPress Function. This is very useful especially when you change a post's slug after Google has already indexed that page otherwise you will end up with Purge Old Slug Redirects December 22, 2015 By Devin When the url of a published post is updated in WordPress, the previous url slug is saved into a meta key called _wp_old_slug and a 301 redirect is created automatically. If you prefer to add redirects without using a plugin or altering your .

WordPress REST API services mesh smoothly with the expectations of Angular, giving developers the opportunity to create single-page applications that provide a sophisticated window on content stored in WordPress. At the minimum, made a setting for that. htaccess file: Description. Can anyone provide the detailed information about Slug URL and it's length in WordPress? jump to content. 301 redirects allow you to seamlessly redirect traffic from one URL to another without Yes, upon changing a post’s slug WordPress will automatically create a 301 redirect from the old slug to the new slug.

You can very easily change the category slug within WordPress's admin panel by navigating to Settings >> Permalinks: Cached version of wp_old_slug_redirect. A WordPress translation plugin that's easy to use for a change. The crucial thing is just that you redirect outdated/broken web pages when moving domains, changing your CMS or updating your site. Once you have installed and activated the plugin it adds a new menu to the Settings area of your dashboard. When do you not need to redirect? When a new page or product is created in Shopify, just like WordPress, the page name title defaults to be included in the URL.

In order to add a redirect function to your WordPress template, you should perform the following: Log into your Dashboard and go to Appearance-> Editor, select Home Page Page Template (page-home. Thankfully, with WordPress there are plugins that can take care of all of these things for you. By default, the slug is latest, but it can be changed from the Permalinks settings screen. js. In WordPress, redirect a chosen slug, "latest" by default, to, well, the most-recently published post.

Change Permalink Helper is a handy way to minimize redirects in WordPress. Protect Files & Documents Share Files & Documents The value you see in the place of "username" is called author slug and it is your "Username" in the profile. How To Create Redirects With WordPress Are you trying to create a redirect in WordPress? Not sure what a redirect is and why it is important? Don’t worry, we have got you covered in this beginner’s guide to WordPress redirects, we will cover what a redirect is, how to create a redirect in WordPress, why do you need, and when you – Copy redirects between sites using JSON – Import and export to CSV for viewing in a spreadsheet – Use WP CLI to automate import and export. The WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector is a free online tool that finds the theme and plugins installed on any WordPress website. I don’t know why most people in this thread answer with “No”, WordPress has been doing this for a long time for regular posts.

A better way of translating your WordPress site directly from the front-end, with full support for WooCommerce, complex themes and site builders. While developing your WordPress website, you can run in into a number of different issues. With it you can easily manage 301 redirects, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. Test of WordPress’s Default Slug Redirect: 301 or 302? May 5, 2010 March 18, 2010 by Michael VanDeMar Just a quick test to see if WordPress by defaults redirects slug changes using a 301 or 302 redirect. If you’re ever planning to change your WordPress permalink structure, change the slug on a single post, or migrate your entire WordPress site to a new domain, then 301 redirects are going to be your best friend.

Permalink Manager is a most advanced and highly rated WordPress permalink plugin that helps WordPress users to control the URL addresses of all posts, pages, custom post type elements (taxonomies are supported in Pro version). Permalinks and slugs play a very important role in any blog, specially in WordPress because it provides flexibility to change permalinks and slugs. To easily create the redirects on your WordPress one option is the Simple 301 Redirects plugin. When you upgrade to WordPress version 2. This code snippet redirects your users to the custom registration page with the URL slug /registration-url when they try to access the default registration page.

WordPress creates slugs for all posts and pages based on the title. Why did U disable wp_old_slug_redirect functionality? It breaks logic on many sites. Create WordPress Redirects to Avoid Broken Links. If random redirection still doesn’t make sense to you, hop on over to Wikipedia and WikiHow and see how their links to random articles work. In your case, just add following code before WordPress rules in your .

single post. So without further ado, this month’s WordPress tip is…how to change the URL of a page or post. php file to prevent any WordPress errors . This will help reduce errors and improve your site ranking 🙂 Regular Features: 301 Redirect an Entire Domain via . And the old link might even have been shared across social media or linked to from other websites.

Let's see how to change both of them on WordPress. These are used for URL of posts, pages, tags, categories etc. Apabila Anda menambahkan postingan baru, WordPress secara otomatis akan membuat slug berdasarkan pada pengaturan permalink. In this case I’ve replaced /author/ with /writer/ but you could use whatever base you like. Another possibility is to redirect a WordPress user on login based on custom user meta: Setting up WordPress 301 redirects with PHP.

Hosting Issues, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 301 Redirects Godaddy hosting htaccess. 1, so this plugin is not needed. A WordPress slug is nothing more than a few words, which you choose, to describe a post, page, category, or tag within WordPress. Additionally I’ve copied some of the other redirects for author pages and RSS feeds. Redirect an Old Domain to a New Domain with .

Any old id to new slug conversion needs to happen in bbPress 2 -- I'll work on a quick plugin to handle that. Not like in the media industry, where a slug refers to (usually) three main keywords above the headline. Easy navigation, uniform layout, and clear-cut content structure are all likely to improve experiences for readers and help with SEO. When I change a slug from post-a to post-b, will WordPress create a redirect from /post-a to /post-b, like HTTP 301 or something similar? If not, is there a plugin for that? Description. How to Redirect Post after Deleted Using wp_redirect() function and template_redirect action, and is_404() function, we will redirect deleted posts or pages (in the Trash or Permanently deleted) .

- ethitter/eth-redirect-to-latest-post The right way to redirect post after deleted, redirect deleted post or page to homepage or to another post, easy way and simple. If it finds a post matching the slug, it will redirect you to the new URL. Set a default blog post URL format. Attempts to find the current slug from the past slugs. Redirect old slugs to the correct permalink.

And all of that in 16 lines of code. You can also import from Simple 301 Redirects, SEO Redirection, Safe Redirect Manager, and WordPress old slug redirects. When it happens, you will see a message saying “Moved permanently 301”. If you decide to change the post slug later, WordPress will remember the old one and redirect it to the new one. Now, we know the author base and slug in detail.

Now, when someone goes to the old slug, they silently get redirected to the new slug. Once activated, a given slug will redirect to whatever is the most-recently-published post on the site. What’s more, it works with WordPress Pages too, and you can change the slug multiple times and the plugin will keep track of each of the “abandoned” slugs! Install it and forget about it. This function has no parameters. It is likely due to the code injected in your WordPress database, this lead your WordPress site to redirect to another site.

Even Google will find your new post. In that URL, "thiru" is the author slug. Take a look at above screenshot. htaccess file can be found in your WordPress root folder. Latest version: Download Redirect Old Slugs v0.

Most common usage of this feature is to create a permalink for each post. SEO Redirect 301 is a WordPress plugin that remembers your old urls and redirects users to the updated url, to prevent 404s when urls change. But they’re also confusing for many casual WordPress users. This child page could be easily identified by looking at the permalink. I assume you're using Apache, if not, please let me know.

This also seems to be the case for any changes made to your permalinks, so it looks like I’ll need to update the article. Beskrivelse. Otherwise, install the theme from your WordPress repository. Each month a new tip will be posted that will expand your arsenal of WordPress knowledge. You can also choose whether or not to redirect tablets by enabling or disabling the check-box option.

com in the Everything you need to know about changing WordPress Permalinks and 301 redirects. Unfortunately, you will have to manually add each URL in this format. When you make a change to a post slug permalink after its been published, WordPress will automatically redirect it to the new post slug (doing a 301 redirect). Don't forget to check the regex redirect tab as these types of redirects can be used to redirect multiple URLs to a single location. In an effort to increase my SEO, I wanted to change my category slug to "tutorials.

If you ever change the url, slug, or Permalink of an article in WordPress, make sure to do a 301 redirect in the . It’s possible to prevent old post slug redirection in WordPress by adding removing a couple of actions from your WordPress core with a small snippet. In sitewide redirection, you can redirect every page to a specific URL, and with global redirection, you can redirect your users according to the screen types. When you decide to change the permalinks structure for your old posts, you need to use 301 redirect not to create broken links in search engines. For WordPress.

If you fail to do a 301 redirect, 2 things can happen: 1. Play The Randomization Game! Now that you know how easy implementing a random redirection page in WordPress is, you can start planning for your own random output. I found several sites that had similar ways of getting the post slug but I came up with an approach that utilizes WordPress’ get_permalink() and PHP’s basename() . Struggling with how to add 301 redirects to WordPress? These nifty redirects are an SEO friendly approach that let you re-route traffic to your site in a number of helpful ways. Let’s look at the simple example of a eshop on WordPress.

A🚨 “WordPress Malware Redirect” or “WordPress Redirect Hack” as it is commonly used, is a hack where your site visitors are automatically redirected to malicious websites, phishing pages and malware websites. This is a very easy tool to incorporate in your WordPress site that will easily redirect any of the posts or pages on your site to another page with either a drop down menu or by typing in the URL manually. The Yoast SEO Premium's redirects manager includes automatic redirect creation and redirect request notifications. Usage <?php wp_old_slug_redirect() The meta_value is your post's old slug. A slug is the name or a set of words for the URL of a web page.

In WordPress when you change a 'post slug' in the Permalink then WordPress will automatically redirect a link containing an old slug to the new link with new slug and sets the status to 301 Moved Permanently. php, just do not forget […] Una de las mejores herramienta para hacer ésto en WordPress es el plugin Redirection, con el cual salvarás tu sitio y evitarás cualquier posible penalización. Also there are option for individual platform redirect like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone on WP Mobile Redirect . Parameters. Search for the post or page slug that should not redirect.

htaccess is a configuration file used by the Apache web server and can be used to rewrite the format of URLs. Apa Itu Slug WordPress? WordPress slug adalah sebuah teks yang diletakkan atau muncul setelah nama domain dan menjadi bagian dari permalink yang mengarahkan pengunjung situs untuk masuk ke konten Anda. – Copy redirects between sites using JSON – Import and export to CSV for viewing in a spreadsheet – Use WP CLI to automate import and export. This works well, but sometimes you want no existence of the old post slug. To keep blog post URLs consistent, all post URLs publish in the same format.

Eventually, the plugin that I wrote for bbPress 1 will go away and all redirects from old locations will be handled by nginx. Next, you need to upload this file to your WordPress theme’s /js/ directory using an FTP client. " That's where the awesome Redirection plugin and a simple regular expression comes into place. When an incorrect URL is requested, WordPress tries to locate the correct URL and will redirect the visitor to the correct URL if it can find it. Device Redirect – Redirect WordPress Plugin.

As promised, I'm going to get to the WordPress filters now. To send everyone else to a specific page on your site, replace the id ’83’ to the id of the page. So, the thing I came up today is that, how one can easily remove /category/ slug from URL in WordPress. 301 redirects allow you to seamlessly redirect traffic from one URL to another without If you ever change the url, slug, or Permalink of an article in WordPress, make sure to do a 301 redirect in the . I suspect that at this very moment it is causing problems with WPML users worldwide, and possibly other plugins that do something similar as well.

WordPress. Also, I’m told that WordPress now automatically includes a function to redirect a post if you change the slug, even after it’s published. We know that, Wordpress automatically generate /blog slug to each our post URL when we activate multi site feature. You can auto add nofollow tag to affiliate links, shorten links, and redirect them correctly. 08 Oct 2016 by admin //check page login from or redirect page slug "page-slug" All in One Digital Resource Management & Complete eCommerce Solution for Selling Digital Products.

WordPress by default creates slug for posts, pages, categories and tags as long as you have not created a specific slug. These SQL statements will help you cleanup your old post slugs. Start Translating Now Enter a new URL slug in the Post URL box. 5. In short, this function sends administrators to the WordPress Dashboard after log in and everyone else to the homepage of the site.

Only the specific blog post's URL slug can be edited here. This video will show you how to remove /blog slug URL from Wordpress multi site URL. You can redirect your site visitors to two places using WPForms: To another page on your website, such as a thank you page; To an external webpage, such as another website WordPress forces slugs to be unique, PowerPress reserves the podcast slug upon activation (if it wasn’t already used), so WordPress will then prevent the podcast slug from being used again and redirect any request for /podcast to whatever reserved that slug. Redirect Users after a WordPress Form Submission. Note that this functionality was brought into WordPress core for version 2.

How to Use Pretty Links WordPress Plugin to Redirect URL What is Pretty Links: Pretty Links one of the most popular plugin in WordPress world and famous for cloaking links. Despite the flexibility of WordPress framework, there are few ways to configure the admin login url customization for making a bit safer against unauthorized access and brute force attempts. WordPress, Git-ified. WordPress automatically generates post slugs from a post’s title. But we can use the add_rewrite_rule() from WordPress’ codex to integrate some new settings.

We have seven WordPress filters to learn about in this tutorial: one for registrations, two for logins and logouts, one for password resets, one for comments, and two for the recently-revamped "Press This" feature. Get Post Slug in WordPress I needed to get just the post slug for a project I have been working on. After you’ve created your form, you’re ready to redirect users to another page once they submit the form. What is happening here is WordPress recording the old slug in the wp_postmeta table of the database (search for the _wp_old_slug in the meta_key column) the redirected slugs are stored in the meta_value column these are matched with a post_id which indicates the redirect target. Unfortunately, I've never seen this feature properly documented in the codex.

While working as a developer within WordPress there will often be times that you must preserve a particular URL structure. my subreddits Having a blog with WordPress. It just works. Let’s see how we can remove or redirect the parent page slug from child page URL in WordPress. Welcome to Make WordPress Hosting! We work to improve WordPress’ end-user experience across hosting environments through industry collaboration and user education.

These words then appear as part of the URL (or Permalink) directing visitors to that content. Using the Simple 301 Redirects Plugin. The most popular reasons include making them SEO friendly and user-friendly. The second part in the line is the WordPress slug for the same page. WordPress translation plugin that anyone can use.

Completely hide default WordPress admin url […] Creating Redirects. How to Add 301 Redirects to WordPress. SEO Redirection How Geo Redirects works? Creating a Geo Redirect in WordPress it's as simple as following these steps: Choose the redirection rules: For example you may want to redirect all users from one specific country but only the ones that are in the front page of your site or redirect all logged users from certain State, etc. WordPress multisite is great but sometimes we need to redirect visitors from the root domain to one of the subdomains. There isn’t a plugin for this and until now, accomplishing the redirection would see you jump through hundreds of hard to follow guides that would get you beating your computer like its your worst enemy.

When you save your changes, your new link will be good The WordPress content management system can provide a solid foundation for applications built with Angular, the popular front-end framework. To be simpler, can't you work on the common way Wordpress makes the slugs and then remove the /category/ With that in mind, you would have: /category/atlanta-ga/news To remove the category is easy (many plugins do, or htaccess) and you now have: / Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Each time you change the handle (aka slug) in the SEO section, Shopify offers to create 301 redirect. Synced via SVN every 15 minutes, including branches and tags! This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository. Additionally, the home_url() function will take a slug or relative path and can also be replaced with get_permalink() if you prefer to pass in a specific page or post id.

Simply enter any url in the form below and if this url points to a WordPress website you get to see all the theme and all the plugins installed. Here is the solution when you need to do a 301 redirect for a URL (or many URLs) for a WordPress site the right way. Excellent Wordpress plugin to detect mobile devices and redirect to the mobile site with Redirect count chart for different device. Please note this article is from 2007. The meta_value is your post's old slug.

php, just do not forget […] How can I remove old permalinks from being found by Google? Since they have been indexed by Google, I think permanent redirects is the best solution. Everything you need to know about changing WordPress Permalinks and 301 redirects. WordPress has come a long way to protect the links to your posts and Pages no matter how many times you change the post slug or post title. However, it is not used in the URL until custom permalinks are enabled for use ” %postname How To Redirect and Change WordPress URLs To Improve SEO. This is a feature of WordPress but can only be fixed from your database.

WordPress seems to keep track of changes made to the post slug and redirects accordingly. what-is-a-slug-in-wordpress-tips-for-a-great-post-url Is it one of the crucial factor of SERP?If i customize the slug it will lead me to URL redirection rsulting I generally use a short slug if it’s a post I know I’ll be linking to in the future a lot. Download and Install the Redirection plugin from the WordPress repository or by searching it within your dashboard. However, you notice that the users are still want to use child-pages for their own reasons. What is a WordPress Slug? In WordPress, a slug is the bit of text that appears after your domain name in the URL of a page.

There is a WordPress redirect functionality built into core which is designed to catch wrong URLS. We plan to start with the basics and build from there. So, to help you out, I’m going to use this post to dig How to Disable Automatic Redirects Or Notifications The following information is written for advanced users and developers. Whenever you add a new page under the tag of the parent page, the WordPress will consider it as a child page. Creating Conditional Custom Login Redirects in WordPress TL;DR.

wordpress slug redirect

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